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At Home with Caitlin Flemming: Creating a Kitchen Herb Garden

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Photography by Natalie Whearley

The sun is beginning to peek her golden beams through the gray days here in Northern California — and we’re feeling especially ready for afternoons filled with dappled light and spring blooms. We spent a lovely day with interior designer and author of Travel Home, Caitlin Flemming, in her San Francisco flat to create a kitchen herb garden.

We love bringing the outdoors in with greenery, and an indoor herb garden is all at once beautiful, fragrant, and useful. We started with a small collection of garden pots from Bergs Potter, vintage french stoneware, and some favorite herbs from a local nursery.

Bergs raw terracotta pots are handcrafted in Italy. If plants could speak, they would whisper there is nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe, and high-quality clay holds in the moisture they need and helps regulate the temperature of their roots.

Bergs recommends drenching the pot before planting to help the clay retain moisture. Then, replant your herbs by sprinkling in a base layer of organic potting soil, placing the plant, and filling in with additional potting soil where needed.

We used the Low Helena Pot in Antique Rose, which is the perfect size for a mixed garden of Sage, Thyme, Oregano, and Chives. We also potted Chervil (French Parsley) in the Bergs Julie Pot in Antique Rose. We completed the collection with Rosemary in a vintage French Stoneware confit pot.

And when you’re ready to harvest your herbs, we love using our Walnut Herb Stripper to remove the delicate leaves from the stalk. Add to a slice of fresh sourdough with butter and a sprinkle of salt — or whatever dish you’re cooking up in the kitchen!

Helena Pot — Antique Rose
Walnut Herb Stripper
Handwoven Potholder
French Vintage Confit Pot
Twine Stand with Cutter
Julie Pot – Antique Rose – Small
Windowpane Kitchen Cloth
Flamingo Estate Olive Oil
Flamingo Estate Persimmon Vinegar

March 23, 2023



At Home with Caitlin Flemming: Creating a Kitchen Herb Garden


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