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Six Ways to Help People Impacted by the Government Shutdown


As the government heads into a second month of the shutdown and lawmakers attempt to find some common ground, several departments remain closed. Putting partisanship aside, federal employees are struggling to pay bills and feed their families, unsure of when they will be getting their next paycheck. Here are a few ways you can make a difference for those impacted:

If you have additional ways to get involved, please leave them in the comments below.

United for US Fund

The United Way has set up the United for the US Fund — a joint effort by labor unions, corporate partners, the United Way network, and nonprofits to help federal workers, contractors and others impacted by the shutdown. Local United Way chapters are providing financial services, counseling and, where available, emergency help with rent, food and other basics. The United Way says 100% of donations to the United for the US Fund will go to the affected parties.

Feeding America

Feeding America is working with a network of food banks to support affected families. On their website, you can pledge money or enter your zip code to find nearby food banks where you can donate or get help.


#ChefsForFeds organizes food trucks, chefs, nonprofits and businesses to provide meals for those impacted by the shutdown. You can donate money, time or other resources to their cause. #ChefsForFeds is run by World Central Kitchen, a national nonprofit organization that strives to eliminate hunger and poverty.

Greater DC Diaper Bank

In the next two weeks, the Greater DC Diaper Bank plans to distribute more than 200,000 diapers. That’s far more than what the group anticipated just a few months ago. The nonprofit says every dollar donated provides up to eight diapers. The organization also collects and distributes women’s hygiene products.

Go Fund Me

GoFundMe matched an initial $10,000 donation from alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra to launch a campaign that provides relief for government workers. Donations are distributed across a handful of nonprofit organizations dedicated to offering assistance to government workers. Nearly 5,000 people have contributed more than $355,000 in five days to the GoFundMe campaign.

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund

The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund, an independent nonprofit serving federal workers since 1986, is offering eligible federal employees no-interest, emergency hardship loans to help them cover costs while they are furloughed. Donations can be made here

January 25, 2019


Six Ways to Help People Impacted by the Government Shutdown


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